Expert Engineered AI for Investors

Prism helps accelerate investment operations and value creation for private equity and corporate M&A.

Why Prism?

Prism is a safe and private platform for investors to deploy custom AI.

Using the latest language and vision models, Prism automates key research, analysis, and content tasks.

Designed and built from first principles to meet the specific needs of private equity and corporate M&A.

Prism benefits


Prism employs the latest generative AI technology to help answer the key questions that drive investment decisions and value creation planning.


Prism is a trusted source of intelligence, designed by Palladium Group, award winning experts in Transaction Advisory and Value Creation.


Prism reduces the toil of manual and time intensive tasks, accelerating time to insight and creating capacity for value-add work in your teams.

How it works

Launch task

Prism offers a curated library of specialist tasks tailored for private market investors. Select a pre-built task or instruct Prism to work towards a custom goal.

Steer progress

Prism executes an expert step-wise method to complete a task, pausing at key intervals to invite feedback and course correction.

Present results

Prism presents the results of a task in multiple formats, with export to Word, PowerPoint, or PDF for onward refinement and collaboration.



Increase the efficiency of your deal sourcing by rapidly screening companies, identifying bolt-ons, and building competitor sets.



Automate the outside-in analysis of a company using specialist data sources and interrogate complex commercial and financial diligence documents.

Owners and Operators

Value creation

Deploy customised versions of Prism across diverse verticals to complement your wider digital transformation efforts in the portfolio.

Key features

Safe and private AI for team collaboration

Customisable library of expert engineered tasks

Connect private document stores and data rooms

Analyse large documents and extract data

Answer complex web research questions

Specialist data source integrations

Comprehensive onboarding and training

Custom development service

A screenshot of a conversation in Prism

Discover Prism

Speak with us for exclusive access to a Prism demo for your team.

Palladium Group is a digital and technology due diligence provider and digital transformation partner to Private Equity firms and their portfolios across the globe.

Palladium's award-winning services have been repeatedly recognised, being named Specialist Advisor of the Year at The Private Equity Award, and Specialist Due Diligence Provider of the Year at The British Private Equity Awards in 2020, as well as being announced as both gold and overall winner at the 2021 International Digital Experience Awards.

[Whitepaper] Empowering deal teams to make better decisions with data and generative AI: a practical guide to automating production of an initial investment paper.

In today’s market, the ability to quickly and confidently qualify an opportunity and build internal consensus and momentum for an asset is a key competitive advantage. The recent step-change in generative AI, when harnessed judiciously with full awareness of its limitations, and in tandem with data, can help firms realise a material edge.

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