Prism: digital edge
for investors

Benchmark the digital maturity of any business in minutes.

Built for savvy investors, strategists, and operators.

Why digital diligence?

In today's world we believe digital diligence
is the equal of commercial diligence.

Digital factors are too important to ignore if you strive for the most complete picture of a company's health and future potential.

Prism is the only digital diligence tool with comprehensive coverage of the core digital factors.

marketing | brand | social | people | technology

Prism benefits


Powerful digital insights that typically take an analyst days to produce, delivered in minutes to your inbox.


Actionable digital insights of unrivalled depth and breadth infused with the expertise of Palladium's renowned diligence service.


Aggregate and interrogate multiple data sources in a single app, saving time, effort and money.

How it works

Select a target

Select a target company to benchmark simply by entering a domain name. Prism will automatically extract key identifying information.

Choose competitors

Select up to 5 competitors to compare the target against. Prism will automatically recommend a set of competitors or you can manually choose your own.

Generate report

Receive your comprehensive digital insights in minutes, rendered as a beautiful online report ready for sharing with your team.


Digital diligence

Understand the digital health of a business in multiple dimensions to help filter deal flow, prepare for management meetings, and build a case for investment committee.


Deal origination

Increase the efficiency of your deal sourcing by rapidly analysing multiple markets, companies and regions. Quickly filter candidate companies, in or out based on their digital risk factors.

Owners and Operators

Value creation

Understand how a business ranks in the wider market and against key competitors to identify opportunities and threats for input into a value creation roadmap.

Key features

Automated insight

Generate a report in minutes not days

Intelligent scores, commentary, and risk flags

Share insights with beautiful reports and PDFs

360 degree analysis

Overall market health and growth

Marketing, brand and social performance

Technology and people factors

Expert support from Palladium Diligence

Dig deeper by connecting with a Palladium Analyst

Your Prism and Palladium Diligence reports in one place

Access industry and technology experts

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Palladium is a digital and technology due diligence provider and digital transformation partner to Private Equity firms and their portfolios across the globe.

Palladium's award-winning services have been repeatedly recognised, being named Specialist Advisor of the Year at The Private Equity Award, and Specialist Due Diligence Provider of the Year at The British Private Equity Awards in 2020, as well as being announced as both gold and overall winner at the 2021 International Digital Experience Awards.


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